AI knowledge-sharing session | 12 december | How can we make chatbots smart?

Aantal vrije plaatsen: 24

In this knowledge-sharing session, Luuk Spronck (Master’s student in AI and proud member of the AI Lab), will introduce you to the world of smart chatbots. You might have already seen him on stage in October, but his internship has come to an end and he is ready to share his insights. This session is also suited for colleagues with a non-technical background.

Chatbots & AI?
Chatbots fueled by Artificial Intelligence are changing how businesses provide customer service. To keep up with this fast changing technology ABN AMRO is investigating the use of Natural Language Processing (NLP) in customer service chatbots. NLP is the discipline that revolves around the question how we can make machines process, understand and produce human natural language. NLP makes chatbots smarter and easier to talk to, and is crucial for developing a chatbot capable of providing quality customer service.

What will you learn?
Both NLP techniques that are currently implemented in chatbots, and techniques that are still being developed but might prove to be the future of chatbots will be discussed. The bot frameworks that are used to develop chatbots will also be covered.

Location: Forum innovation centre
You can bring your own lunch!