AI knowledge-sharing session | 19th of October | Introduction to Natural Language Processing | How can we make machines learn our language?

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In this knowledge-sharing session, Seb Harrevelt and Luuk Spronck (DIA data scientists and proud members of the AI Lab) will take you along in the world of Natural Language Processing (NLP). They share the basics to give you a solid foundation, dive into examples of state-of-the-art technology and discuss possible applications of NLP within the bank.

Whereas people communicate through natural language, computers distill and transfer meaning by means of ones and zeros. NLP is the discipline that revolves around the question how we can make machines process, understand and produce human natural language. NLP is not only useful when trying to draw conclusions from (large amounts of) text, but is also key to a smooth interaction between human and machine. For example, consider a virtual assistant that effortlessly understands what you say and is able to get back wih a valid and maybe even empathic response.

This session is also suited for attendees with a non-technical background.

The AI Lab is a businessline-independent vehicle for collaboration, knowledge-sharing and R&D in the field of Artificial Intelligence. We are dedicated to developing generic AI components that are applicable throughout the full ABN AMRO organisation. We do this through active experimenting and in collaboration with tech partners and universities.

Practical info

Location: Forum innovation centre
You can bring your own lunch!