Innovation Friday: Artificial Intelligence – Smart Machines through Natural Language Processing | 21 juli

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Innovation Friday – the monthly ‘open house’ of ABN AMRO’s Innovation Centre – will take you on a journey towards the future of the financial sector. In the space of an hour, we’ll dive into the latest developments that are fundamentally changing the world, or are about to do so.

We’ll focus on a different theme each month, such as blockchain, open banking, artificial intelligence or the circular economy. We’ll invite experts in each field to tell us what they think, and share our own vision of these developments. By the time the weekend starts, you’ll be completely inspired!

The theme of this Innovation Friday will be Artificial Intelligence – smart machines through Natural Language Processing.

Turning to Google for deciphering foreign languages, casually chit-chatting with Siri, or even enjoying robot-generated poetry - click here for more info - these activities all require the machine to process, understand or generate human language.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) can boost human-machine interaction and help extract insights from large amounts of text, among other things. Still, human language is complex and hard for machines to master.

This Innovation Friday you will be taken on a journey along virtual assistants, smart text miners and literary robots. What is possible in the realm of NLP, what seams near-possible, and what remains impossible for now?

1. Julia Krauwer - AI Evangelist ABN AMRO

2. Folgert Karsdorp - Researching Oral Culture, Data Science and Cultural Evolution. Recently made headlines with his ”literary robot”, which is currently helping Ronald Giphart write a full-fledged novel

3. Iain Wallace – Mentor at Stride. Stride is an award-winning AI company that applies NLP on textual data in order to automate enterprise processes.

4. Marijn Markus - Working at Capgemini and expert on AI.

Innovation Friday will be held in ABN AMRO’s Innovation Centre at Gustav Mahlerlaan 10 in Amsterdam (next to Amsterdam Zuid station) from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. And of course you can’t end a Friday without a convivial drink, so we’ll be opening the bar at 5 p.m. and treating everyone to ‘bitterballen’.

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