Kennissessie Blockchain | The State of Blockchain for 2017 | Dinsdag 5 December

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The State of Blockchain for 2017

Join us in this English spoken breath taking journey into the “Year of Crypto 2017″!
As more and more blockchains, cryptocurrencies, tokens and distributed ledger systems launch and prosper, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that a whole new world of distributed technologies is being created, forming the backbone of an entirely new economy, information network and source of truth.

We will be looking back at the Crypto-year 2017: a year of growth in blockchain and crypto’s.

Overview of the newly arising Crypto-economy:
Blockchain not being Bitcoin back to Bitcoin not the only blockchain
Bitcoin price development, scaling debate and forks (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold etc))
Altcoin developments

Overview of the most important ecosystem alliances that took off and expanded:
Dutch Blockchain Coalition
Linux Hyperledger
Ethereum Enterprise Alliance
Value Chain initiatives
Crypto startups
Regulatory challenges

Highlights of IT Blockchain & Smart Contracts Lab:
Overview (Proof) of work
Examples of experiments
Self Sovereign Identity Demo